Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Free Linux Rock Star Keychain!

As you can tell, Linux Rock Star has been very quiet lately. I'm trying to finish up my last semester of college so it's been too busy lately to get much done...

So! I'm having a special deal! If anyone would like to write an article for Linux Rock Star, I will send them a free Linux Rock Star key chain and publish it on the site!

Submissions should be at least 300 words and may be a review of a program or distro, an examination of a linux audio issue, or any other number of topics. Please send submissions to downerczx_AT_yahoo.com. Screenshots are appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you! All submissions are accepted at my discretion. This will go on for as long as I decide.

Posted by DCZX @ 11:49 AM

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Is your offer of a keychain open to those of us who, through some chance effect of geography and genetics, happen to live overseas?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:51 AM #

Yes! However, if the shipping is more than about $4 U.S. I might ask you to paypal the difference. thanks!

Posted by Blogger DCZX @ 9:31 AM #
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